2 нояб. 2010 г.

International Mail Art Call

Dear Friends!

On behalf of the Charity Foundation “MERCY” (Saint Petersburg, Russia) I would like to invite you to join the international mail-art project “Postcard Brings Happiness: From Heart To Heart”.
The goal of the project is to bring back the traditions of mailing and personal communication between people in our century of IT technologies through material objects – letters, parcels, telegrams – the exchange of open messages from one person to another – from heart to heart. 
The idea of such a project appeared in St. Petersburg. The fact that the idea belongs to a charity foundation accentuates its social and cultural importance.
The project “Postcard Brings Happiness: From Heart To Heart” is the first charity international mail-art project of such a kind in Russia. It popularizes the ideas of mail-art movement and charity in our country and worldwide and brings together people who belong to different cultures, are of different age and social status. The project is open for everyone to join but we encourage mail artists to participate in the first place because they would give a kick-start to this international mail art movement. 
The climax of the project would be the exhibition of all the art objects in the Modern Art Museum and Galleries Erarta in St. Petersburg followed by thecatalogue including all the art objects and information about all the artists printed in color. 
We are waiting for art objects, postcards, painting and telegrams, your messages to people all over the world. It might be works about love, sympathy and happiness, but you are free to choose a topic you like.
We hope this project would become a source of inspiration for many artists worldwide and become an annual intercultural event with exhibitions all over Russia and other countries. The most creative works would be published as postcards in St.Petersburg.
You can send your works to:
Interregional public Charity Foundation
Office 43, 102, Nevsky pr.
We would be grateful if you could send us an e-mail to postcard.milost.fond@gmail.com after you post you work. Thank you!
We are waiting for your participation!
The deadline for submitting your works is December, 15.
The Project “Postcard Brings Happiness: From Heart To Heart” is a charity project that introduces the principles of charity to the society, involves people into intercultural communication and encourages them to share their messages of love and kindness with others.

Yours sincerely,
Irina Astapenko
Executive director
Interregional Public Foundation “MERCY”

    "MERCY" Charity Foundation

    About the Foundation:

    Interregional Public Charity Foundation “MERCY” was established in 2005 in St. Petersburg. The establishers are private persons.
    Since its establishment, the Foundation works on important social and cultural projects, introduces the principles of charity, involves public people, business and social workers, creative young people and volunteers into its projects and charity in general. We are open to the new ideas and initiatives.

    Our projects include: corporate volunteering and social teambuilding, social and cultural project “Postcard Brings Happiness: From Heart To Heart” (including art contest and exhibitions in St. Petersburg), photocrosses and flashmobs, charity concerts, mini-football tournaments for children of the orphanages of Leningrad region.   

    We support:
    • Orphans, disabled and sick children
    • Drug addicts, HIV-infected and homeless people
    • Disabled and elderly people
    • Stray animals

    For any questions about the foundation and the International Mail Art Call you can contact postcard.milost.fond@gmail.com or info@milost-fond.ru